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Leighanne and her Magical Growing Shoes is a hit with the under 10 year old crowd. Get your copy today on Amazon. Illustrations by Miss Erin Farmer.

The Color of Your Tears in paperback is available on Amazon also. Don't miss the juicy drama that started it all.

Chrystal Clear is  coming late summer 2019


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Current deals

Get "Color of Your Tears" paperback for $9.99 and "Soul Catcher" on Amazon for only $4.99 for the paperback. Leighanne's story with all new colorful illustrations is available in paperback for $7.99.

News Items

"The Color of Your Tears" is published. Next, coming late summer is Crystal Clear. Jackie's daughter Chrystal tells all. Don't miss her tearful discovery of her true self and what it really means to be in love.

Barbara Combs Williams

Hello there

New poetry


Look at the rain clouds hanging languidly 

And you doubt a creator 

Man alone would have no depth 

No color, no spirit to the forms 

We see worlds as yet undiscovered 

Horizons to breach 

We did not this majesty create 

Evolution yes, but not as was taught

The Gods themselves evolved us 

In their image but less than  

So as not to be tempted to Godlike

Ideals of our own grandeur

Look at the cloudless sky

A blue without fitting description

From rain clouds of steely gray

To bluest azure in a breath

And you doubt a creator

Man alone would have no depth

No color, no spirit in  the  expanse

No,  we did  not  this  majesty create

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The characters that you will find within my work have taken a long time to birth so they are sometimes bold, sometimes reserved but always determined to tell you their story. 

Your feedback and comments are always welcome. I want the characters to have a chance to grow and develop over time, just like you and me.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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