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The Color of Your Tears in paperback is available on Amazon also. Don't miss the juicy drama that started it all.

Leighanne and her Magical Growing Shoes is a hit with the under 10 year old crowd. Get your copy today on Amazon. Illustrations by Miss Erin Farmer.

Chrystal Clear is  coming late summer 2019


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Get "Color of Your Tears" paperback for $9.99 and "Soul Catcher" on Amazon for only $4.99 for the paperback. Leighanne's story with all new colorful illustrations is available in paperback for $7.99.

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"The Color of Your Tears" is published. Next, coming late summer is Crystal Clear. Jackie's daughter Chrystal tells all. Don't miss her tearful discovery of her true self and what it really means to be in love.

Barbara Combs Williams

Hello there

New poetry


New Love

The everlasting joy that sings and zings 

Then explodes in my heart

It is like the dazzle from ten thousand fireworks 

Fully blown apart

The indisputable excitement, the sizzle 

The thrill of this new chase

I long to know the delight, the pleasure 

The ecstasy from your embrace

Now I have truly fallen in a fiery, scorching love 

Where before life was cold

All my fears, my doubts, my worries

My phobias are flung from me, so bold

You brought kindness, smiles, laughter

Anticipation and hope to my life

I have found a new beginning, changing

Evolving, calming, and no strife

Before I was shy, timid, and smaller in scope 

Than the tiniest door mouse

I lay awake, thinking, pondering, and longing 

For a new space, a new house

A safe haven, a refuge, a ship in the calm harbor 

When storms abound

I crawl out of hiding, head held high

Heart fluttering, love finally found

You brought all the passion, the fervor

To a life I was afraid to believe in

I have a longing, a yearning, a thirst

A hunger and a new skin to live in

I want to know you, to follow you, to chase you

No matter where this may lead me

We share passion, we share bliss 

And we have a new love with no ending

Sizzling Hot!

Crystal Clear will be available soon. Chrystal has grown into her own skin but it's been a long troubling process. But give her a chance and you just might like her. Here's a little bit about her.


“You know a long time ago; I guess before Jewell was born; I really believed my prince would come. Now I know better. There are no princes, no pink cotton candy castles; no one to rescue me from the evil stepmother. Or I guess stepfather in this case. Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong body, you know. Or I guess it's like out of body. Like I'm   watching this other person be me and she’s totally fuc--- oops sorry.”


Chrystal hesitated for a long moment before she finally whispered. “Mama, she didn’t want to hear anything from me. I was invisible in her eyes. Sometimes I wished . . . just once, she would say I love you Chrystal. Hold me in her arms and let me cry over my skinned knee. I wanted to tell her about the boy in school   I had a crush on and who didn't like me back. I wanted to hear her say, it’ll be alright baby. Mama understands.”

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